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Standard egg packaging

Biobase-10 is our standard line of egg packages; a carton that packs 10 eggs. Our standard line-up will be complemented with cartons holding  4, 6 and 12 eggs. Standard coloring options are RedFroq Red, Barley Green, Chia Black, Dark Cocoa, Cognac and Cocos White. 


Check out our six pastel teints for more subte accents. All of our egg cartons are made from a very special material called PaperFoam. This material is scratch-free and has a very polished and smooth finish to it. 



Dark Cocoa, Cognac, Cocos White


There are a number of area's in which RedFroq egg packages are unique. We add value for the end customer and the environment. We are proud to have the most sustainable egg carton available. The raw materials used to produce these packages contain no pollutants: this means no worries for unwanted ingredients ending up inside your egg. 

The egg packages are fully biodegradable and can be easily disposed off and even home-composted. Together with ease-of-use, unique coloring, shaping and finish this line-up is truly unique. 


Barley Green


When you get your hands on our innovative packaging, you will be amazed by the ultra-low weight. The weight reduction compared to pulp packaging is drastic, and contributus substantially to a lower carbon footprint in transportation. A case study* for Rondeel egg packaging shows a CO2 emission reduction of 90% compared to traditional egg packaging!


RedFroq Red, Barley Green

* The detailed study and emission comparison is available as a seperate download (pdf).