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Custom egg packaging

We can tailor egg packaging designs to your specific needs. Our design team can deliver on samples in a matter of weeks. If your project demands tailoring or customization, please do not hesitate to contact us. The process of prototyping, tooling, testing and full scale production is done in close collaboration with our customers. 


Custom Designs


 How do you brand your egg cartons for specific demographics? Do so by custom coloring, and designs! Our technology, injection molding, allows for great creative freedom. Take a look at our designs or contact us for customised egg cartons.


Traditional egg cartons come in brown, (gray)white and some greens. We have those colors standard available. There's one difference: our white is close to snow white; that's why we like to call it Cocos White. This pure coloring is another advantage of our injection molding technology. Coloring options are near limitless! Check out our amazing RedFroq Red, Barley Green, Chia Black, Cocoa Brown or Cognac by ordering your own sample kit. 


Color, shading and tint customizing is possible as well. Feel free to contact us to discuss possibilities. Your logo, slogan or brand pay-off can really stand out by embossing it. Check out our samples or photo's!